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A3 Infinity War Ironspider Ds-015sp D-Stage Series Px 6 Inch Comic

USD $ 29.99

From Beast Kingdom. A PREVIEWS Exclusive! The Iron Spider suit from the original Civil War comic, was created by Tony Stark for Spider-Man in order to increase the battle prowess of his team and is equipped with three spider-arms! This upgraded black-and-gold armor gives Spidey a sleek look! Supported by his spider-arms, Spider-Man is poised above a base featuring the shield of Captain America: the leader of the opposing team. The overall scene design in this figure is a complete recreation of the classic panel illustration in the comic and the special metallic paint and exquisite painting technique manage to blend the classic with a technological style, giving your iconic hero a more modern feel. This stunning Iron Spider figure stands about 6 1/4' tall..