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New Teen Titans V1 #10

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in: Joe Orlando/Executive Editor, George Pérez/Cover Artist, Marv Wolfman/Writer, and 54 more New Teen Titans Vol 1 10 EDIT SHARE "Promethium: Unbound!"Help Cover Cover Gallery New Teen Titans Vol 1 #10 August, 1981 Executive Editor Joe Orlando Cover Artists George Pérez Promethium: Unbound! Writers Marv Wolfman Pencilers George Pérez Inkers Romeo Tanghal Colourists Adrienne Roy Letterers Ben Oda Previous Issue Next Issue New Teen Titans # 9 New Teen Titans # 11 Contents[show] Appearing in "Promethium: Unbound!" Featured Characters: Teen Titans Changeling Cyborg Kid Flash Raven Robin I Starfire Wonder Girl Supporting Characters: Robotman Sarah Simms Antagonists: Boris Battinov (Dies) Chung Lo (Dies) H.I.V.E Terminator Wintergreen Other Characters: Benson Honeywell Doom Patrol (In a photograph only) Chief Elasti-Girl Mento Negative Man Jimmy Graham Madame Rouge (Flashback only) Marie Logan (Flashback only) Mark Logan (Flashback only) Mrs. Graham United States Navy Wilkins Locations: Brazil Pacific Ocean Lamumba (Flashback only) United States of America Arizona Grand Canyon Maine Codsville (Flashback only) New York Hamptons Dayton Estates New York City East River Titans Tower I Manhattan East Sixties West Eighties Items: Deathstroke's Energy Lance Donna Troy's Lasso Vehicles: Carrier F-16 T-Jet Synopsis for "Promethium: Unbound!" Changeling and Cyborg receive a message from Changeling's Doom Patrol ex-partner, Robotman, currently searching for Steve Dayton who is in turn searching for the killers of the Doom Patrol. Meanwhile, Cyborg's friend Sarah Simms is kidnapped by the Terminator. Terminator fights an inconclusive battle against Starfire, and then attempts to auction off plans to a Dayton Industries secret research project code-named Promethium, a self-regenerating energy-source. Using Sarah as a hostage, Terminator forces the Titans to act as guinea-pigs in a test of the Promethium explosive for officials of the H.I.V.E. The Titans escape to battle Terminator and his mercenary army, but when Changeling pursues the escaping assassin alone, he is mortally wounded as Terminator escapes..